In teaching a cooking class recently, I asked the students, all adults, to fill out a questionnaire for me.
It was:  Today for breakfast I ate.

This gives you a sense of how much people know about nutrition by what they hear or read.  Cereals promote protein in every box.  Not so fast.

What a good breakfast consists of is a balance of protein, carbohydrate and fat.  I believe it applies to every meal and snack.
Some answers on the questionnaire as to what protein did you consume was the same as what fat did you consume.
Peanut butter was the answer from more than one person, for both protein and fat.  I learned that protein may be in cereal and in peanut butter, but our body does not use it as protein.  If you make oil from peanuts, it’s oil, and that’s a fat!

Here are two easy full breakfasts in a glass:

Chocolate Delight
1 cup chocolate milk (rice, soy or dairy)
2 scoops (6 TB) Shaklee Chocolate 180 Protein
4 frozen Strawberries
Mix in a blender

Vanilla Mango Smoothee
1 cup soy milk
2 scoops (6 TB) Shaklee Vanilla 180 protein
½ cup frozen Mango
Touch of fresh grated nutmeg
Mix in a blender