Our Partner

We are very fortunate to work with a great group of people!

Shaklee is full of real people, just like you and me, who are creating their own success.

Like minds attract, and the ‘Shaklee Family’ knows value when they see it. They are quality, hardworking, good people whose values go hand in hand with Shaklee values.

If we were to describe the people we work with, (whether they are in our group, at the home office, or simply a fellow Shaklee distributor) they would fit this description:

Social; Regardless of borders, the ‘Shaklee Family’ is often on conference calls, on team projects, traveling together, attending Shaklee global conferences, ‘breaking bread together’ over dinner; we have a lot of fun.

Smart; Shaklee’s incredibly high product quality standards, track record over more than 50 years, steady, consistent growth attracts people that have a mindset that goes with all that.

See an opportunity that matches their talents; whether they are in Shaklee to get a deal on products, to share products with others or to build a business, they have the ability to step back and see how their lives can be improved with Shaklee.

In short, they are great! We can learn a lot from them and we feel we are making a difference in the world.

An effective venture can be measured by the strength of the active partnerships and others on the support team.Here are just a couple of the consultants who are fully engaged in supporting us and our team:

Our annual income is over $500,000. We are paid on well over 400 independent businesses, some of which are the highest producers. Of our leaders, 3 of them are Presidential Masters and 8 are Masters within the compensation plan. Our overall annual volume of sales exceeds $10 million. I personally took over this business in 1987 as a third-generation owner and it continues to grow each year. I am loving every minute, and my business name says it all: “Life on Holiday Marketing. – Robin Reves-May April 8, 2014

Our income last year was $538,000. Our passive income is paid on the combined productivity of over 300 independent business owners, producing annual sales well over $10 million. As a second-generation family owner, the business was never far from me even as I practiced law and taught as a college professor. Now my primary profession is this business, in an industry which I thoroughly enjoy and with a company I’m proud to be affiliated with.

– Rob Loomis
April 8, 2014

We enjoy our waterfront tropical lifestyle. Over the past decade, my world-class fly fishing guide husband has been able to back off on his charter career and take the time to teach our son and grandkids the boating and fishing life we both love. – Carolyn Wightman April 8, 2014

When you find something that you really believe in, all you want to do is tell others about it,” Joanne says. “Shaklee products brought me back to life again. I was always looking for someone interested in hearing my story. The rest just came together from that. I’m the kind of person that needs to know that what I do will make life better for other people. That’s easy with this company and these products – Joanne & Bridget Nistico October 1, 2020

I would like to introduce myself to you. I started my Shaklee Business in 1979 when my son was born. In 1984 my daughter was born. They both have had the benefits of a Stay At Home Mom earning executive wages and a very healthy lifestyle. We moved to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina from North Potomac, Maryland approximately 6 years ago. — Donna Titus April 8, 2014

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