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Scotia Health

Let us tell you about Scotia Health.

“We believe if we’re not part of the Solution we’re part of the Problem

We partner with high-performers to support their personal health and long-term financial health.
Our customers are SMART and they’re BUSY.  And they choose elite products that are proven to be SAFE and proven to WORK.

Our mission is to partner with you in crafting a life of significance.  Whether it’s learning to take control of your personal health or earning another stream of income to have more time to fulfill important life-goals, we are here to help make it happen.

“We do not inherit this land from our ancestors – We borrow it from our children!!” – a Native American


Richard loves the outdoors, eating well and ocean lighthouses. The lighthouse emits a beacon of light showing ourselves and generations that follow us the way for the possibilities of vibrant health, sourced in Nature along with being respectful of our fragile Planet and the possibilities for financial choices and education. The possibilities to move about through life not constrained by financial limitations but propelled with options to contribute and to grab the gusto of life’s experiences.

A lighthouse is like a compass. They exist to help guide us to our destination without moving off course. Let us work towards becoming beacons of encouragement, guidance and service to one another. We set goals and make plans in order to achieve some measure of success in our lives. The plan we make is our compass. The true North in us, if we choose to follow, will lead us to our goal, the lighthouse. It rises tall and steady with a beacon of light and that light is your goal. Keep focused and don’t lose sight of it for it helps you stay the course. Without the lighthouse, whatever other destinations or goals you have in mind mean very little.


Jeannette has eaten more natural foods than most people – being brought up in Nova Scotia, Canada. She ate foods grown on the farm and fresh fish from the sea. After a trip to France, where she studied in Aix-en-Province, she graduated from Modern Gourmet of Newton, Massachusetts with a Chef and Teaching degree under the guidance of Madeleine Kamman. She wrote the recipes for the first book by Dr. Barry Sears “The Zone”, and continues to teach healthy eating classes.

Who are Our Customers?

They are already SMART about health. They are as PASSIONATE as we are about scientific integrity, purity of ingredients, quality, safety and creating a non-toxic environment for ourselves and the planet. They are COMMITTED to investing in prevention and education — so we can all leave the wonders of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals for times of critical care and emergencies.

We specialize in working with the “Weekend Warriors” or the recreational athletes – ones who are passionate about being drug-free and natural and are committed to good health everyday rather than ending up creaky and grouchy, or even quitting from being sick or injured. We act as a consultant to guide them through the confusing maze of product claims and labeling, and we are fortunate that these customers range from maxed-out teenagers to hobby-level seniors.

We also specialize in working with “Young Mothers” – ones who are passionate about the health of their family and home and are committed to natural, earth friendly cleaning products and supplements for good health every day. We act as a consultant to guide them through the confusing maze of product claims and labeling.

Anyway, do you know anyone who wants to feel and look better as they grow older — or even take back lost ground — and who might like to join us in a business that supports their life and values? If you do, or would like to create a product package for yourself, contact us, or give us a call (781.275.8794) and we’ll fill you in. With this business we get to keep our rugged coast lifestyle while creating global possibilities for new generations to do the same. What a gift, eh?

Learn more about what brought us to partner with Shaklee and to see how our values and commitments are so closely aligned.

In a world that has become smaller and functions at a pace that is frenzied, we use our Shaklee products to keep us, along with our adopted families below, healthy and centered.

L-R: Vincent, Spes, granddaughters Jeannette & Nobelle; Emma, David and granddaughter Samuella It feels good and right to be healthy!

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