Our Family

Robin Reves-May

“Our annual income is over $500,000.  We are paid on well over 400 independent businesses, some of which are the highest producers.  Of our leaders, 3 of them are Presidential Masters and 8 are Masters within the compensation plan.  Our overall annual volume of sales exceeds $10 million. I personally took over this business in 1987 as a third-generation owner and it continues to grow each year.  I am loving every minute, and my business name says it all: “Life on Holiday Marketing.”

– Robin Reves-May

For almost 20 years I have had the pleasure of owning a business that has given flexible time and a significant ongoing income with no limitations and little overheads.  My dad owned an insurance agency for 30 years and the amount of money needed to run his business was astounding.  I worked with him in his office for 10 years and I must say that it’s been a pleasure to stay out of panty hose, suits, and rush hour traffic (not to mention crazy gas prices) and be able to manage a multi-million dollar business from home.  But my favorite part is the ability to be with my family when I want and to be available when they need me.  It is a “life on holiday.

We build and develop a database of people who become our most profitable customers, business partners, and referral sources by marketing a wide range of elite, natural based products for home and health.  Right now I am especially focused on baby boomers, like me, who are starting to feel some of those little “aches and pains” of getting older and they are truly committed to aging gracefully.  They also want to avoid prescription medications if they can, and they know that maintaining a healthy weight is important to their overall health.  Bottom line is that they understand nutrition and the products they use in their home directly impacts how they look and feel and they are specifically interested in products that support their health and well-being.

Before I started using these products I really thought that all vitamins were created equal and that personal care, makeup, and household cleaning products were safe.  Well, we are finding out that’s not necessarily true.  Did you know that that there are toxins and carcinogens in brand name skin care and makeup?  I have learned that there is a big difference in the quality of nutritional products and I now know what to do to stay feeling good and looking good, as long as possible.  I also have the satisfaction of keeping my family and the environment safe from harmful toxic chemicals in the products we use every day.

Rob Loomis

master_co_Loomis-150x150Our income last year was $538,000. Our passive income is paid on the combined productivity of over 300 independent business owners, producing annual sales well over $10 million.  As a second-generation family owner, the business was never far from me even as I practiced law and taught as a college professor.  Now my primary profession is this business, in an industry which I thoroughly enjoy and with a company I’m proud to be affiliated with.

– Rob Loomis

Our family business started over 40 years ago.  My parents began from their home in Beverly Hills and have continued to build from residences in Hawaii, Nevada, Florida, and now Massachusetts.  Their personal business is called “Loomis Associates,” while “OPA” (Organic Products Associates) is the name of the large family of businesses comprised of the entire Loomis organization of well over 300 businesses in all.

My mom, Mary Loomis had been a stockbroker for many years, but was a homemaker in ill health when she was first introduced to the products in 1968.  An old friend encouraged her, saying “These products can’t hurt you, and you might feel better.”  In fact, Mary felt much better after taking them for just a few weeks.  Other friends noticed the major improvement in her health, and when they asked her to get products for them also that’s how the business began.  In 1973, her husband Gary left his position as a stockbroker to join Mary full-time in their business.  The Loomis’ became Coordinators in 1970, Key Coordinators in 1972, and Master Coordinators in 1976. Gary passed away in 2003, and Mary in 2006.

Rob Loomis had been taking the products since 1968, when as a Harvard law student he found that a second round of supplements in the late afternoon allowed him to put in a second day’s work in the same 24 hours. After practicing law in Boston for a dozen years, he decided that he wanted to spend more time teaching and writing, so he returned to graduate school for a doctorate and then taught at the University of Michigan.  In 1999, he returned to Boston with his wife and daughter, and assumed major responsibility for Loomis Associates and OPA.

The Loomis’s have served in all leadership positions on the Executive Liaison Committee of independent business owners who work directly with corporate management.  They have also received the highest honors for leadership and contribution and have for decades been known as some of the most respected and sought-after leaders.

The focus of Rob Loomis is on helping other members of OPA to become successful Shaklee entrepreneurs.  They believe that the key to personal fulfillment, as well as to business growth, is to “do well, by doing good.”  In other words, those who begin with the goal of doing good for others, and for the environment, will end up feeling good about themselves and doing very well financially.

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Carolyn Wightman

carolyn-eddie-car-150x150We enjoy our waterfront tropical lifestyle.  Over the past decade, my world-class fly fishing guide husband has been able to back off on his charter career and take the time to teach our son and grandkids the boating and fishing life we both love. – Carolyn Wightman

For the last 3+ decades I’ve had the pleasure of owning a business that has given me both flexible time and an ongoing six-figure income.  I started with a personal commitment to use eco-friendly and health-promoting products.  I unexpectedly backed into creating my own marketing company and career.  At first, what I most wanted was a way to continue my Peace Corps commitment and to utilize my expensive college degree without being locked into a ‘real job.  ’What I got was lifetime possibilities for leadership development along with a powerful business vehicle to be ‘Part of the Solution, not Part of the Problem.’

By the time I started my own family, most of my classmates were already sending their kids to college.  Even as I’ve struggled with the same issues of child rearing and family balance that my colleague moms have, I’ve managed a multi-million dollar business from home without ever having to sit in traffic or miss school events.  We continue to enjoy a lifestyle we love, traveling the globe with family, now including college football games on our schedule, and all the while we are expanding our international marketing team.

Specifically, I market an elite line of products for home and health.  Right now I specialize in working with busy athletes – ones who are passionate about being drug-free and natural.  They are committed to having their training leave them with long-term strength and good health rather than leaving them creaky, grouchy, sick, or even injured.  I support them in weaving their way through the confusing maze of product claims and labeling, and I have the good fortune that these customers range from maxed-out teenagers and hobby-level seniors to elite Olympic athletes.

Joanne & Bridget Nistico

“When you find something that you really believe in, all you want to do is tell others about it,” Joanne says. “Shaklee products brought me back to life again.  I was always looking for someone interested in hearing my story.  The rest just came together from that.  I’m the kind of person that needs to know that what I do will make life better for other people.  That’s easy with this company and these products.” – Joanne Nistico

Joanne Nistico’ journey in Shaklee began in 1973, when she was studying to be a special education teacher.  My Yoga teacher who was a purist introduced me to Shaklee nutrition – starting with the foundation of a multivitamin and a protein. She began using them herself and noticed an incredible improvement in her health. She became more energetic.  She felt stronger.  She was happier.  Later, as a yoga instructor herself, Joanne frequently shared her passion for Shaklee products with her own students. I used to drag out of bed in the morning and keep myself going on caffeine and take-out. Not good, I know.  I decided that I was tired of being tired. I wanted more energy, better nutrition…I wanted to feel better.

I gave myself 30 days and by the end of that time…I did feel better. I was able to give more of myself to the things that were important to me — my family, my hobbies, and my community commitments.

It was not long before she decided to distribute the products on a small-scale basis, just to make an extra $50 a week – little did she know that this move would literally change her life and future direction.  Looking back Joanne would never have guessed that her initial discovery of the Shaklee difference in her own health would launch a career that has made her one of the top Shaklee affiliates in the country.  She is still just as passionate about helping others through Shaklee products and the opportunities they offer for home-based businesses.

Donna Titus

Donna-and-Jackie-150x150I would like to introduce myself to you.  I started my Shaklee Business in 1979 when my son was born.  In 1984 my daughter was born.  They both have had the benefits of a Stay At Home Mom earning executive wages and a very healthy lifestyle. We moved to Pawley’s Island, South Carolina from North Potomac, Maryland approximately 6 years ago.  – Donna Titus

I originally became involved with Shaklee products because of their high standards and code of ethics.  Prior to Shaklee, I worked in private industry which gave me the opportunity to understand how this sector works in the USA and in Europe.  I had many valuable experiences in Europe. Perhaps the most valuable was learning about organic foods and what seasonal foods meant.  Upon my return, I no longer looked at food in this country as the highest quality.  We have a year round supply of food but the many processing phases have dramatically affected the nutritional value. Since that time I have shopped organically.

Realistically, I knew it would take more than organic shopping to raise a healthy family and live a long productive life.  After much research, I found the Shaklee Corporation.

Shaklee has been the pioneer of four of the largest growth industries that are projected to grow by nearly $1 trillion over the next 10 years.  For over 50 years our Health and Wellness business has been light years ahead of anyone.  Shaklee’s green products, nutrition, and anti-aging skin care is backed by impeccable science and research with no product recalls.  They are the best of science and nature with purity and quality control guaranteed.  Our lucrative business opportunity is the role model in the industry because of our responsibility in all phases of our product and business operation.

It is a privilege and honor to be associated with Shaklee Corporation all these years.  It has afforded my family the lifestyle most envy and travel all over the world compliments of Shaklee.

Whatever your interest in Shaklee, give it serious attention!  If it is to better your health, finances or both you can trust the Honesty, Integrity, Science, Technology, Opportunity, Research and Your Shaklee family who will mentor you to better health or wealth.  This spells HISTORY you can count on.  The choices Shaklee offers are always yours to chose.  I honor and respect whatever your interest would be.