The Future Starts Today

The future of personalized nutrition is here – Me+ology™!

Me+ology™ is our science-based daily supplement packs made just for you and delivered to your door. Our precision-based approach is a more sophisticated and robust way to create personalized recommendations.

Me+ology™ considers all the individual things about you as well as how those things interact and come together to make you, you.

And Me+ology™ narrows from more than 110 MILLION possible supplement combinations and then refines through more than 640,000 unique decision points to create the plan that is exactly right for you.

Nutrition Made Personal

 Meet Me+ology™ — daily doses of exactly what you need to thrive.

Me+ology™ is the science-backed supplement plan that is made just for you – powered by 100 years of Shaklee research and experience, delivered right to your door in your own personalized daily-dose packs.

How does Me+ology™ work?

It is just three easy steps:

  • Answer some questions about your health goals and lifestyle in our simple assessment.
  • Receive your personalized plan in just a few seconds. (Yes, our patent-pending algorithm and product recommendation engine is that fast!)
  • Choose your plan (Essentials or Essentials Plus) and receive your personalized supplements in convenient daily-dose packs every 30 days.

What kind of questions does the assessment ask? How long does it take?

 The easy and dynamic online assessment will take just a few minutes to complete and asks simple questions about your health goals, activity level, lifestyle, diet (including food allergies and preferences), health concerns, and family history of health conditions. Do you need more information – click here?

How do my assessment answers become a personalized supplement plan?

The short answer is Shaklee scientists developed a powerful algorithm and recommendation engine that analyzes your answers in seconds to determine exactly what you need to reach optimal health.

The longer answer is that first, the amount and types of nutrients you need are determined based on your assessment answers. Then, those nutrient needs are mapped to the fewest products possible to meet those needs. Next, those products are adjusted based on other things you told us in the assessment (such as food sensitivities, dietary preferences, or medications you take). We then look at the nutrients across all those products plus what you are likely getting from your diet to ensure everything is at safe and optimal levels for your health. Finally, the recommendation engine ranks the products, so you know which products are the most critical to build a strong nutritional foundation, and pairs each product with personalized content to explain why it was recommended for you and how it will benefit you specifically.

The Me+ology™ Difference

 Safe – To guarantee the purity and potency of our products, we perform over 100,000 quality tests annually.

Proven – Our supplements are backed by over a century of innovation, 100+ patents and patents-pending, and more than 100 published scientific studies.

Guaranteed – We stand behind every product with a 100% money-back guarantee — no questions asked.


It all starts with a few questions so we can get to know you. Ready to get your personalized plan?

If you check the box at the end of the assessment, it allows us to guide you with any questions you may have.


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