Member Welcome

By becoming a Shaklee member you have also joined our global business family.

We’re here to make available live, personal support. The outside world of advertising and the internet create a confusing maze of marketing claims and product labeling. It’s our job to help you weave your way through them. We want your Shaklee purchases to deliver exactly what you expect, and it’s our intention that you become a lifetime customer.

Let’s begin by taking care of some fundamentals.

1) How do you order products? Our first choice is that you contact us directly at 781.275.8794. If we don’t answer in person right away, our friendly answering service is available 24/7 so you’ll never disturb us, and we’ll get back to you right away.

2) You can also click the “Products/Shop” link above and go directly to the ordering website. Use your Member Email, and all your orders will be credited to you.

We consider that it is our job to provide the level of personalized customer service and the ease and convenience of home delivery that support the elite products from Shaklee.

3) Now more about you. What created your interest, and what level of participation do you choose?

Your primary focus may be on product results as a consumer.

Choices to Participate

Begin with Learn & Earn product education — and earn free products and rewards as you do.

If you are looking at possibilities of creating income as a business owner-entrepreneur, you will begin by being educated in the consumer side but will also want to know…

… How to earn the income – Presentation

… How you are compensated – Sales Plan, where it asks for “Email of person who referred you” enter:

… What are the incentives for accelerating and funding your business start up with the Stimulus Plan worth over $30,000 plus travel to California and a paid 7 Day Cruise.