Healthy Weight

Living your healthy best starts when you’re at a healthy weight. Improve your shape and get leaner and healthier with Shaklee 180™. Developed by scientists, our clinically tested, deliciously simple products are uniquely designed to help you lose the right kind of weight and turnaround your life. You’ve tried everything else. Now try what works. And take your shape in a whole new direction™.

Lose Fat, Not Muscle

Shaklee 180™ is a complete program with meals and snacks designed to help you burn fat and keep muscle; daily support to track your progress; and rewards that keep you motivated. Shaklee 180™ helps you lose the weight and learn to keep it off.

Myth of the Scale

“When you keep muscle while losing body fat, the number on your scale may not decrease as fast as you would think. Losing fat will lead to a greater loss of inches – which is what you really want,” says Dr. Jamie McManus, M.D., FAAFP. “The other benefit to keeping muscle is that it keeps your metabolism strong, which means you’re much less likely to gain the weight back.”

Another reason to throw away the scale: Real changes happen over weeks and months (not hours and days), so let your favorite pair of jeans be your guide tp gauging real progress.

App-solute support

Unlike other programs, we will never leave you hanging. That’s why we’ve created the Shaklee 180™ app, website, and useful emails to guide you and teach you healthy habits for the rest of your life. Every step of the way this program will support you by providing helpful tips, expert advice, recipes, and exercises.

Healthy Rewards

We know that losing weight and taking your shape in whole new direction is the ultimate reward. But we also think you deserve more, which is why we give you the chance to win Healthy Rewards. Daily entries, weekly prizes (like Bose® headphones and gift cards) and once-in-a-lifetime experiences (like trips to San Francisco) will keep you motivated and help you reach your weight-loss and lean & healthy goals.


Healthy Weight




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I decided to tell my Shaklee 180 story since most of the info that’s out there is about younger folk! Since I will soon be 3/4 century-old and have probably tried most of the plans that have been out there, over that time, learning about Shaklee 180 was a God-send! When I entered the hospital to have my first child in 1962 I weighed 194 lbs.! Of course, he was three weeks late and weighed 9-1/2 lbs., but that meant his mom would need to lose about another 50+ lbs. to get back to her pre-baby weight! When I was younger I could make up my mind and lose it with no problem. – Ella M April 17, 2014

Jacqui McCoy’s success on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is a history-making story of amazing transformation.  In just a year, guided by extreme transformation specialist Chris Powell, Jacqui lost 207 pounds – 58% of her total body weight – the highest percentage lost in television history. Jacqui has been supported throughout her journey by her family, including her husband, firefighter Shawn McCoy and her mom and dad, Wanda and Jon Hart from West Palm Beach, Florida!

– Jacqui M
April 17, 2014