Healthy Snacks

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Snack Sales are Strong and Growing

Consumers spent $66 billion on packaged snacks in the United States in 2019 – 62% more than in 2010. Expected to grow to $74.5 billion in 2023.

Salty/sweet and salty snacks alone were $31 billion in 2019, with chips and crisps accounting for more than $7 billion in sales.    (Consumer Trends Salty Snack Food in the United States. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Market Indicator Report, March 2019)

Snacking is Increasing

Adults are snacking more than ever. The percentage of adults snacking increased 30% between 1978 and 2008.
The number of snacks being consumed per day has increased dramatically and snacking now contributes approximately 24% of daily calories for an adult in the United States.
(USDA, Snacking Patterns of US Adults, What We Eat in America, NHANES 2007 – 2008)

The Typical Packaged Snack is:

• High in calories
• High in fat
• High in carbohydrates
• Low in protein
• Low in fiber

For examples of packaged snacks and their content click here.

Snack Better with Shaklee 180® Snack Crisps

• Two great flavors: Sea Salt and Barbecue
• 100 calories per serving
• 3 g fat
• 6 g protein
• Made with natural ingredients.
• Low glycemic
• Gluten free
• No trans-fat, saturated fat, or cholesterol
• No artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives
• Kosher dairy

Who will benefit?

• Shaklee 180® Inch Loss Plan customers who want additional choices
• Families who want healthy alternatives to snack chips and crackers
• Anyone who wants additional protein in a great-tasting crispy form

Snack Bar


Meal Bar

Snack Crisps




I decided to tell my Shaklee 180 story since most of the info that’s out there is about younger folk! Since I will soon be 3/4 century-old and have probably tried most of the plans that have been out there, over that time, learning about Shaklee 180 was a God-send!
When I entered the hospital to have my first child in 1962 I weighed 194 lbs.! Of course, he was three weeks late and weighed 9-1/2 lbs., but that meant his mom would need to lose about another 50+ lbs. to get back to her pre-baby weight! When I was younger I could make up my mind and lose it with no problem.

– Ella M
April 17, 2014

Jacqui McCoy’s success on ABC’s Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition is a history-making story of amazing transformation.  In just a year, guided by extreme transformation specialist Chris Powell, Jacqui lost 207 pounds – 58% of her total body weight – the highest percentage lost in television history. Jacqui has been supported throughout her journey by her family, including her husband, firefighter Shawn McCoy and her mom and dad, Wanda and Jon Hart from West Palm Beach, Florida!

– Jacqui M
April 17, 2014

Before Shaklee 180, I tried nearly everything to lose weight including dieting, exercise, hypnosis, and bariatric surgery, but none of it worked.Thanks to Shaklee 180, I have transformed my body and my life! The way my body lost weight on the Shaklee 180 Plan was just amazing to me. As I lost fat, I was able to hold on to the muscle. I feel like my metabolism has never functioned so efficiently!

– Linda B.
April 17, 2014