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For more than 55+ years Shaklee has been harnessing the power of nature to guarantee that when you use their products you actually feel different, while laying the foundation for a lifetime of health.

That’s why Shaklee chooses the highest quality ingredients in the world and conduct over 100,000 quality tests a year for purity, potency and performance. And it’s why Shaklee is the #1 natural nutrition company in the United States.

Healthy Nutrition is IN us: Nutritional support — starting with the Rx for Healthier Life. For people who are SMART about their health and BUSY. They want a QUICK, DEPENDABLE, and SAFE routine that gives positive RESULTS.

Looking for an easy nutritional program — one that’s easy to put into your daily routine?

First, find the nutrients that support you needs – click here.

For your long term insurance, choose the Vitalizer that’s suited for you — with or without iron, or with added Vitamin D labeled as Gold.

To smooth out those 3PM blues with a tasty, simple meal in a drink, choose your Shaklee 180 smoothie – Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Café Latte. Why Shaklee 180? It tastes great, you can mix it in milk or water, and — with science and ingredients based on sports nutrition — it protects muscle (like your heart) while trimming unwanted fat. It’s a complete meal, including fiber, and its low glycemic, which means it doesn’t trigger extra insulin response. Want to learn more – click here

To strongly reinforce your immune system against infection and illness, include two (2) NutriFeron tablets daily. This is a world-class product you won’t find anywhere else. Think ‘interferon’ that’s widely prescribed for cancer treatment, with its frequent challenging side effects. Then make it all natural sources, without ‘side effects’ and with powerful ongoing immune support you can consume daily for life. When the news talks about global flu, aren’t you glad you have ongoing immune support daily?

How can you reduce the impacts of Aging? You can choose to add Vivix, with countless testimonies for addressing breakdowns at the cellular level.

Looking for other easy nutritional program(s) — one that’s easy to put into your daily routine? Then click here.

Are you interested in some of our Nutritional and Clinical Studies, click here?

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I have had MS since 2001 (diagnosed) and much before that. I stopped taking (against doctors’ advice, go figure) as I was tired of being tired of the drugs given to me to help. Along comes Shaklee, and at last a fix for me. I was taking Shaklee Vitalizer and a few other Shaklee supplements and my MS was without any worse symptoms. Then since taking Vivix, with all that I was taking before, I was walking better. Something I had not been able to do AT ALL over the last 10 years. – Kevin April 18, 2014

Bob was scheduled for total left hip replacement on Sept 13, 201. So off we went to see a Dr. for another opinion. And he said he had arthritis and “bone on bone” and yes he said to go ahead with the surgery .I was concerned about the risks and tried getting him to exercise in water to help limber him up, gave him lots of supplements from Shaklee. He said on a scale of 1-10 on pain he felt he was about 3-4, so I was hopeful that he could postpone for a bit before getting the surgery…BUT he was determined that he should go ahead with the surgery. – Bob’s grateful wife April 18, 2014