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When it comes to being your healthiest self, what you put around your body is just as important as what you put in your body. That’s why home should be the safest place on earth. Clean it up with the safe, powerful, green, smart clean that is Shaklee. And surround yourself with health.

Are you serious about contributing to the health of your family and our planet?

Are you a SMART consumer who knows that the fumes of many household cleaners can contribute to fatigue, allergies, itchy skin and fuzzy thinking? No athlete can perform at their best feeling like that… Listen to how you can address these issues.

Are you part of the growing trend of families and athletes who share our passion for products that are Always SAFE, Always WORK, and are Always GREEN? You’re in good company. Oprah selected these as her “Favorites.” They’re used in the White House. They have been in the Biosphere. They are on Jacques Cousteau’s research ships.

Your family and the Planet thank you…

You can get started right here by ordering the complete GetClean Kit. You can save some $3400 over what these products will traditionally replace. Amazing, eh? Want economy? Click here for more cost comparisons.

Here are just a few of the toxic reasons for switching to GetClean and some of its uses.

Why Shaklee?

Shaklee’s promise to all of us is very simple:

Shaklee Products are
Always Safe – Always Work – Always Green

By the way, those are powerful statements for a major global corporation to make — and they don’t brag casually. Does Shaklee practice what it preaches? With numerous other environmental awards, they continue to lead as the first ever totally Climate Neutral company and Shaklee shares its environmental commitments with powerful partners, including Arctic explorers, Jacques Cousteau Society, and Nobel Peace Prize winners…

Why Now?

Are you ready to get started? The Planet and your family thank you…
By the way, in using GetClean you’ll be joining Oprah the White House in Washington, D.C. and others.
Now, watch here about why and how to switch to GetClean, a non-toxic, eco-friendly, economical, and effective cleaner.
If you’re ready to get started, this is my favorite kit

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I just wanted to share some good stuff about Basic H.  My daughter worked for a home and office cleaning company a while back.  With the harsh chemicals she had to use, her asthma got worse and her eczema on her hands was out of control.    I bought her the first bottle of Basic H.  She was a little leery at first.  She said "How can anything that is that safe clean really well?"  I got her a bottle of both.  She found that it not only cleaned well, but her hands cleared up and her asthma problems were only a couple times a month rather than a couple times a day.

- Jill M April 18, 2014

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