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The same nutrients that help keep you healthy on the inside also play a huge role in how you look outside.  So it only makes sense that your skin and hair care comes not from a cosmetics company, but from the company that knows nutrition, inside and out. See how beautiful healthy can be.

Youth® Skin Care

Be ahead of your time.  Look 10 years behind it. Guaranteed.

We’ve applied 60+ years of scientific nutrition research to develop the most advanced skin care system around.  The keys to health-looking, radiant skin are nutrients.  More important are the right nutrients in the right amounts and in the right form your skin can use.  The foundation of Youth® is our exclusive Vital Repair+® complex, a synergistic blend of seven targeted antioxidant nutrients that produce results so much greater than the sum of each individual nutrient.

60 Days produce results so dramatic; even we did a double take.  Clinical studies confirmed a remarkable 100% of women were proven to have younger skin and 2/3 actually shifted their skin age into a younger decade.

Vital Repair+® complex does more than block free radical damage.  It actually encourages you to have healthy cells, so you see healthier-looking, more luminous skin.

You’ll feel the difference immediately – guaranteed – or you can return it for a full refund.

Your skin will feel firmer, more hydrated, almost silk-like, and visible lines and wrinkles will start to smooth out.  But that’s nothing compared with 60 days from now.

For BEFORE and AFTER pictures click here.  For our Youth® website, click here.



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I am really happy with my new skin care so far! Both pictures no makeup and no filters. I am noticing less wrinkles around my eyes and forehead, an evening out of my skin tone, brighter and more youthful and faded dark spots on my nose, forehead, and cheeks. If this is 2 weeks, I am excited for 30 days when my skin cells completely turn over. I had a stupid stubborn cyst on my upper lip (my first and hopefully last) the size of a pea and the dermatologist wanted to do surgery and remove it. She said nothing would make it go away. Well, I kept using my skin care and it finally went away! All that's left is that dark spot which in time I pray completely lightens. So happy I didn't have to get it surgically removed. With so much time I've spent outdoors in the sun, I'm amazed this product is reversing signs of skin damage and aging! So instead of 100 days to amazing, how about 14 days to amazing? Loving Youth so much! Thank you Shaklee!

Michele I. September 22, 2017

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