And the Fools Rush in when they could be Crushing it…. Forever.

  • Just because you have earned a lot of money does not mean people should admire you.
  • Just because you have built a team does not mean people should follow you.
  • and, just because you can promote, and recruit does not mean that you are leading people in the right direction.
  • Just because you can speak does not mean you should be on a credible platform.

Leadership ought to be the ability to influence others to go somewhere that betters them for good.

And perhaps that piece is too often left out of the equation.

I know a lot of “leaders” that are motivated more for their own personal gratification than they are to serve. They can cast a compelling vision…

  • tell a great story,
  • create a flurry of accomplishments,
  • earn a lot of money,
  • give people hope

and yet where they lead people to is not the promised land. It is more like a nightmare. Perhaps I have been that at times.

Perhaps I still am.

It is worth of a look. We may be able to lead but where are we all going?

One thing I find consistently in network marketing is our ability to out earn our character and our intent. Perhaps it is the exponential growth nature of our business. Perhaps it is the fact that we can attract people to our teams that produce more than we actually deserve. Or, perhaps our business just outgrows us. Perhaps we believe our own press. Perhaps we forgot the humility and the work that launched our career.

If we are leading people into a high-risk opportunity…higher risk than is necessary for them to get what they want, is that honorable leadership?

If we are leading people into an opportunity that we know is ethically challenged, legally compromised and operationally void of excellence, is that honorable leadership?

What network marketing offers us all, that we cannot get any other place in the work world, is the opportunity to build it once and get paid forever…. regardless of whether we continue to build it. Asset Income…the holy grail of income. Build something that is worth so much to someone…. (like the owner of our company) that they will pay us forever on the sales that are created forever.

That kind of income and wealth is worth 200 times ordinary income.

$5,000 a month is worth a million.

You and I can create a $5,000 a month income in a few years of very part time effort with very little start up cash.

Conversely, it would take us 40 years of saving $500 a month @ 5% to accumulate $1 Million in wealth.

Our wealth building path is unprecedented and unequaled.

But what is required to build that kind of Forever?

  • A unique product?
  • A product that “sells itself”? (if that were true what would the company need us for?).
  • Maybe, a company that is “the fastest growing”?
  • A company that “everyone is joining”?

Is HYPE and empty selfish promises the path to forever?

I recently spent the weekend with a group of sales leaders in a company that is 62 years in the empire making. Some of the leaders have been earning asset income for 50 years. Many of them are the adult children of parents who built the asset income 30-62 years ago. Some of them are even the adult grandchildren…their grandparents built the asset income.

How does a network marketing opportunity promise forever?

They don’t.

They only do it.

And how do you know they will?

You don’t…unless they have done it.

The questions to ask before throwing your leadership and influence behind an opportunity are simple…yet profound…and yet they are missed by 99.99% of those joining a company.

Who owns this company?

  • What is their commitment to the Asset Income model?
  • Are they network marketers themselves or just investors or business people or “suits”?
  • How do you know who they are? From their promises? Their lies? Their hype? Or something else?

Ownership is Everything.

Ownership is the Genetic Code of your future.

What is the product we are going to sell?

  • Who is going to be buying it “forever”?
  • How do we know?
  • How many people are buying it every month that are motivated only by the merits of the product and not the opportunity? (Customers).
  • And, how long does the average person keep buying this product?

How do you know?

The cliché is that “A Fool is born every minute”.

Fools are just people that fail to ask the courageous questions and are guided by their fears and insecurities rather than success philosophies and critical thinking.

475,000 people a week join a network marketing company somewhere in the world. How many of them are asking the questions that may lead to them getting paid forever?

And how many of our leaders are leading them to run aground…. again and again, when they could be safely sailing to the island of their dreams?

Who are you in this?

  • A fool rushing in?
  • A leader full of empty selfish promises?

Or someone that is building something for your grandchildren….and their grandchildren?

Who you and I are casts the future of our great profession.

Our past is not worth repeating. We ought to be better, more courageous and more honorable. We ought to be servant leaders.

Our Grandkids are counting on it.

Remember, the work is worth it!