Where did Leven bread originate?

Some form of flatbread (made from cooking consisting of flour and water) is thought to have originated much earlier. The Egyptians didn’t know about yeast. Egyptian bakers did know that a similar process was at work in both bread making and beer making and they located bakeries and breweries adjacent to one another. One theory maintains that it was the addition of ale (the beverage derived from grain fermentation) to the dough that caused it to rise.

How to make bread:

The ingredients for flatbread are when flour, water and salt are combined into dough and then baked in an oven or simply cooked over a stove.  Leavened breads require an additional ingredient – yeast or other leavening agent which makes the dough rise.  Kneading the dough gives the dough elasticity, to hold together.  . Leavened breads are then baked in an oven. We can now better understand how our bread is created: it is produced through a process in which ingredients are mixed, the dough (for yeasted breads) goes through changes and rises, and as a result the loaves are then shaped and finally baked.

Next we will explore beyond The Staff of Life, by looking into the actual process of making bread using yeast and also a sourdough starter. It will be my recipes that I use for teaching Bread and Pizza classes.